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Sew Me!

Sew Me!

Have you ever looked at a magazine and dream of wanting an outfit but it comes with a heavy price tag? Then you try to save up and plan on purchasing it but stop and think, is this really worth it? How many times will I get to actually wear this? When we think couture, we often think of an obscene amount of money for an outfit tailor made to your perfection and one of a kind.

A French term, couture literally translates to “sewing,” but in the fashion world has evolved into a business that designs, creates, and sells custom-made, high fashion women’s clothing. Couture outfits were often made for wealthy people and the average person couldn’t afford it because of the cost. Over time, couture has a different platform today. There are affordable pieces that are not made for mass production and are still tailored to perfection so that anyone and everyone can attain a custom made wardrobe.

One person that comes to mind when we talk about affordable couture is Poonam Saini. She is the founder and the designer of Poonams Kaurture.  She has helped set a new standard for creating couture pieces to fit individual needs but still making it affordable and accessible to everyone. Not everyone can have access to or let alone afford the Sabyasachi and the Anita Dongre pieces, but Poonam is one of the latest players redefining the parameters of couture so the average person, too, can be a client. Her designs radiate with her love for fashion. From using rich fabrics to vibrant colors, heavy embroidery to simple yet unique details, you will definitely fall in love with her beautiful designs! Check out our interview with this rising brand of couture.

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