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New Mattress Detects Cheating

New Mattress Detects Cheating


A Spanish mattress company, Durmet, found unconventional inspiration from an unlikely source for their latest product. It has created the Smarttress, which is mattress that claims to track when your mattress is being used, with or without you in it. First of it’s kind, the Smarttress claims to detect any cheating related behavior taking place on your bed. Being coined as the mattress that “will let you rest 24 hours,” its “Lover Detection System” features vibration sensors and a “contact zones detector” to determine the length, intensity and impact per minute of usage/activity on the mattress. Owners can download an app which will send notifications of all the metrics when the mattress is being used any which way.

According to Damien Lucas, a spokesperson for Durmet, the idea for the 1500 EUR ($1800) bed came about after the Ashley Madison data dump, which indicated Spain was the least faithful country based on the member usage. This led the company to believe there was a bigger issue plaguing those with sleepless nights and the inspiration led to the cheating detecting bed: Smarttress.

Now we know what you’re thinking: how is it specifically detecting cheating? The bed uses 24 sensors that are strategically spread throughout the mattress. These sensors measure the echo traveling from the center of the mattress put to the edges and the speed with which the sound comes back around, making the entire mattress like a net if you will. The net sends a signal to the server, which analyzes the signal to assess if people are actually having sex on it. So not just laying, or masturbating or even Pete or children playing. The sensors have to detect a certain rhythm, speed, and pressure with/between at least two bodies. So if the mattress thinks something is happening on it based on these sensors and metrics, it will send a push notification via Wifi or 4G, which can be seen via the accompanying app. The app will display a clock ticking, which will indicate duration, the pressure, the rhythm, and velocity of the activity taking place. It also provides a 3D image in real time, which shows a side and front view of how the mattress is being utilized.

What do you think? Cool or creepy? Would you use it?

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