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Love At Any Age

Love At Any Age

“I have a boyfriend you know. After I got divorced a year ago,  a 25 year long marriage, I would’ve never thought I would be involved with someone again. I know what you are thinking, an old lady with a boyfriend” Sharan said hesitantly.
“Not at all. Every one is entitled to listen to their heart” I replied.
“Take a guess, how old do you think I am?” She said, hoping for a favorable response.
“I’m bad at guessing ages and I know better. Why don’t you share how young you are?” I asked.
“71.”She chuckled.
“You are a foxy lady for 71. How old is the lucky guy?” I could see her whole demeanor change.
“He’s a year older than me. He’s retired, an artist.”
“What kind of art?”
“He makes sculptures.”
“Has he ever sculpted you?”
 “Yeeeesssss, he haaaas! But, it’s a long story.” She giggled like a school girl who had fallen in love for the first time.
“What do you like to do together?” I inquired.
“Oh, we hike, we grab our bikes and go riding on the country roads. We listen to music a lot. We love to dance, stuff like that.”
“That sounds like a good time right there.”
“And, he is funny as hell, cute too.” She smiled.
Instantly, I could see thoughts hovering in her head filled with tons of images, as her eyes trailed into a distance. She continued.
“When I got divorced, I would walk around looking at perfect lives of others. Intact families, young ladies in love with young men envisioning a life full of dreams. Men with infants safely secured to their chest and the doting wives by their side; herds of women flashing big diamond wedding rings. Then, I would see one like myself, lost. And I would think to myself–What the **** happened! Now, I don’t have those thoughts anymore. I am that woman who walks next to the man who cares about her and values her.”
“I love your spirit. Love doesn’t age. And, flashy diamonds are not everything.”

Divorce is separation of two beings who’s hearts are no longer connected. When old connections break, we evolve and grow into new beings. New beings with new beginnings. As desis we should always remember, you can love at any age.
Author: D. Toor is a short story writer and a lyricist from California. With a Masters degree in Health Administration under her belt and being in the midst of a booming healthcare field, she enjoys exploring her creative side. She’s hoping to finish writing her book of short story collection soon. She devotes her spare time to organizations combating domestic violence. Follow her on IG @Dee_Toor for more.

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