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Home Staging Tips

Home Staging Tips

Planning on putting your house on the market?  If so, it is without a doubt that you are hoping to sell your home as quickly as possible and get your asking price.  If that’s your plan, you need to set up the stage for success.  By upgrading and styling your home, you are sure to see results instantly.  Listed below are some tips on staging your home to help spark interest of anyone who comes to check out your property.


1.  Boost curb appeal.  This one is very important as it is your home’s first impression.  If it doesn’t impress, then you can forget anyone wanting to come in to take a look or considering to purchase.  Most people who are interested in a home will do a drive by to see if they are even interested in taking the next step which is entering the home.

  1. power wash all concrete leading up to and surrounding the home
  2. make sure the house number is visible
  3. if you don’t already have some, plant some vibrant flowers or place flower pots
  4. mow the lawn
  5. wash the windows
  6. treat the porch floor with a nice sleek finish

2.  Have an inviting porch.  Even if you only have a small porch, give it a “welcoming” feel by placing a nice doormat, plants or flowers, and some nice porch furniture.  Let potential buyers see themselves spending time in the front porch whether it’s while they enjoy breakfast and kick start the day or  relax in the evening as they wind down.

3.  Make it sparkle.  From shiny floors to spotless windows to clean counters and freshly scrubbed grout, every surface of your home should sparkle.  This is the best way to show that your home is a must have. It doesn’t hurt to hire a cleaning team to help make your home look immaculate.

4.  Say bye bye to clutter.  The last thing you need anyone to assume is that the home doesn’t have ample storage space.  You may need to utilize offsite storage to clear up clutter, but all clutter must go.  Clean, clear surfaces, floors, cabinets, and closets show the potential buyers that there’s plenty of space for all of their belongings.

5.  Open the closets.  Open house visitors will look inside your closets.  Closet space can be a deal breaker if the potential buyer doesn’t feel there’s enough of it.  Show off your closet with a whole lot of extra space, this means you may have to remove some of your belongings.  Open space will give the illusion that there is plenty of space in the closet.

6.  Create a gender neutral master bedroom.  Chances are an overly feminine or masculine room will turn off some potential buyers.  It is important to keep it neutral so that it is appealing to everyone.  Free it up of personal items and clutter.  Place some crisp linens, tasteful wall art, a few colorful accents,  and a nice throw at the foot of the bed.

Remember, you never get a second chance at making a first impression so make this count for your home.

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