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Hear the Desi Side | with Tris Dhaliwal

Hear the Desi Side | with Tris Dhaliwal


Photo Credit: BodhiTechnique

She got her first break as the Proper Patola girl in Diljit Dosanjh’s video but not many people know the story behind how that came to be. Tris Dhaliwal wasn’t auditioning for it, nor was she actively looking. She was just another teenage girl hanging out with her friends, taking in her culture when her footsteps into adulthood significantly changed. When she was just 17 years old, she went to the stylish Singh’s concert in San Jose, California when he was doing his Jatt and Juliet tour. Tris’ friends were coaches of a bhangra team that was going to dance on stage with Diljit and Neeru Bajwa, the movie’s female lead. Thanks to her friends, Tris was able to go back stage to meet the stars after the show. What happened next altered her path in a way she never expected.


Photo Credit: Punjabi American Media

Growing up a mixed ethnicity wasn’t always easy for Tris. She is half Caucasian and half Sikh, Punjabi. Tris really embraces her culture on both ends and in many ways is more desi than one would stereotype her to be.  She loves being Punjabi and indulges in everything from the music, language, culture and heritage. As she grew older, her striking looks often met with compliments from people encouraging her to enter modeling as she could pull off versatility in the field. Though she had a desire to look into modeling, being 17, she wasn’t quite seriously pursuing it just yet. Like any other teenager, she was still enjoying the simpler things that for most teens are still the most time consuming such as school, being close to her family and managing time to hang out with friends. So one day, Tris accompanied her friends to a concert of one of the most popular artists of our time right now- Diljit Dosanjh. Being a Punjabi and the fact it was a Punjabi concert, Tris chose to wore a bright yellow suit. After all, the concert was of the Jatt and Juliet stars- Diljit and Neeru Bajwa. Many people questioned her about why she wore a suit as though it was an odd choice. Tris didn’t think so. She was really proud to wear a suit even if more people at the concert were dressed western. Little did she know, that bright yellow suit was going to leave quite the impression on the least expected individuals.

Tris with her Bhangra Team friends—wearing the Yellow Suit!

When Tris went backstage with her friends, she got to meet both Neeru and Diljit, and Diljit’s US based management, Kalikwest. Her friends told Kalikwest that Tris wanted to be a model so he ended up giving Tris his business card and they exchanged information. Tris went home that day feeling happy she got to meet these amazing stars and attend the concert, content with the days events.

Photo Credit: BodhiTechnique

The next day she got a call from Kalikwest. Turned out that Diljit was staying for another week in the States and was going to be shooting a new music video. He told Tris that both Diljit and Neeru remembered her because she was the only girl in a suit, let alone a bright yellow one at the concert! A few days later she was on her way to L.A for the shoot and that’s how her journey began in the industry. The girl who was picked on and teased for her mixed ethnicity ended up representing her culture proudly,  by wearing a simple suit, for which time repaid her in a profound way. Her story has just begun and time will tell so much more where this young talent is headed. We DeSide captured a candid interview of the budding model and actress. We spent a fun afternoon shooting a few pictures and chatting with Tris on how her life has changed.

Photo Credit: Punjabi American Media


Photo Credit: Punjabi American Media


Photo Credit: Punjabi American Media

Shooting Team:
  1. BodhiTechnique for the video filming, editing and photography: www.bodhitechnique.com
  2. Punjabi American Media for additional photography stills: www.punjabiamericanmedia.com
  3. Makeup and hair by Sheena Dhillon: Email: Makeupbysheenad@hotmail.com ; FB/Instagram : makeupbysheenad
  4. Styling by Soni Samra, Creative Director, We DeSide

Makeup details:

Face: Porefessional by benefits, Elf face primer, NARS luminous all day foundation -Ceyan and Stromboli (mixed), NARS creamy radiant concealer – Ginger /Custard (highlight), Makeup forever pro finish powder in 117 and 127 (contour/highlight), L.A. Pro concealer to contour, MAC blush- harmony -contour, MAC blush-prism, MAC blush desert rose, MAC highlight blush -Amber glow

Brows: Anastasia brow wiz pencil in dark brown, MAC Brow powder in ebony

Eyes: Alamay liquid eye liner, Ardell lashes- glamour 105, Loreal voluminous original black, MAC eye liner -Coasta Riche (bottom lid), Coastal scents Revealed palette- nudes, Urban decay Naked 3 palette -strange, limit, and nooner.

Lips: Elf lip liner in Rose, Elf lip pencil in Natural

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