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Having a Social Life Outside of Marriage

Having a Social Life Outside of Marriage

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When many women get married, they tend to get so caught up in the idea of marriage that they forget about their friends and don’t make the time to spend with them. Friends play an important role in our lives and are there for us to make us laugh, give advice, and are there to lean on for support and a good time. It’s common for newlyweds to get so caught up in each other that they forget what it’s like to have a social life outside of one another. It is important to spend some time apart to keep that excitement going in your relationship. Marriage isn’t always easy and having your friends there to talk to about the changes going on in your life make going through difficult times easier. Sometimes you just need to get away from one another to make the heart grow fonder. It’s good for her to have girl time and to vent with her girlfriends or to go on a relaxing trip with the girls and enjoy herself. It’s also just as beneficial for him to go out with the guys and hang out and take part in hobbies that he enjoys without you.

Hanging out with your other married friends is always fun, but don’t forget about your single friends as well. You don’t want to separate them from your life now that your married or have kids. You may not have as much in common with your single friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good time. You can also hang out with other married friends without your partners and discuss things you do have in common such as typical marriage problems. Just talking with friends and being away from your partner gives you time to yourself that is so important to maintain some level of independence. Your friends were there for you before your partner and should remain a significant part of your life as you go through different stages. There’s nothing like having the support of your friends to make those milestones in your life that much better. Maintaining good friendships and continuing to have a social life outside of marriage makes for a happier you.

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