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Proud To Be A Curry Scented Bi*ch


Desis are participating online in the#curryscentedbitch movement! The hashtag has quickly went viral after a series of racist filled tweets by@azealiabanks directed at @zayn after a tweet he shared about being the only brown guy on 1D. Her comments quickly caught the eyes of many Desis worldwide and people clapped back and hard! @jusreign @irenesarah@trisdhaliwal among others aren’t taking it lying ... Read More »

Hear the Desi Side | with Sukshinder Shinda


He is THE Music Man. A multi-percussionist, lead keyboardist, master producer, solo artist, hit maker and the ultimate performer. Sukshinder Shinda has raised the bar for originality, creativity and musicality all around the world with his sound. So many artists dream to work with this amazing talent. Everyone from Bollywood to Hollywood follows the music stylings of Sukshinder Shinda. Most ... Read More »

Lilly Singh Gets Animated For Ice Age Collision Course


Get ready for your favorite Unicorn Mama to get animated!@iisuperwomanii Lilly Singh will be doing a cameo in the upcoming Ice Age: Collision Course installment@iceagemovie The animated franchise has been a childhood staple for many and now more unicorns can enjoy it with Lilly voicing 2 mini unicorn characters. Her positive vibes are conquering animation! What’s next? The movie is ... Read More »