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Contour in Seconds

Contour in Seconds

Are you the type of person who’s rushing through the door in the morning? No breakfast or tea? Do you apply makeup on the go? Then contouring probably hasn’t been your cup of tea. Wouldn’t you want something easy that you can apply anywhere instead of carrying a palette around? Well ladies, with these contouring sticks, life has gotten a lot easier for those of you who want to practice contouring but without the professional level of commitment it takes. These contouring sticks are essential if you’re on the go and want the same justice to the technique as a regular palette provides. Instantly create a slimmer and glimmer face by using a contouring stick to highlight your best feature and reshape you’re not so favorite features. Now to be clear, you do need to practice this as well but it will provide faster effect in less time. Like any makeup trick, practice provides a more natural effect so slapping on a stick won’t give you flaswless coverage either. This is an alternative option to save time.

Smashbox: Step-by-Step Contour Stick Trio ($45)

This Smashbox trio offers a creamy contour kit that will emphasize your facial features. It contains a contour stick, bronze stick and highlight stick. This trio is best for light to medium complexion. It also includes tips and guidelines on how to contour and create an illusion with different techniques.

Smashbox (2)

Nars: Matte Multiple in Altai ($39)

This matte finish is an ideal contouring shade. It’s creamy and blend able techniques can give you a great facial finish.


Lancôme: Le Duo Contour & Highlighter Stick ($36)

This contour and highlight stick offers a great plus to your skin. There are five different shades that are provided. It’s a powder-based finish contouring that will define your face, and a creamy highlight that will illuminate your skin.


Tarte: The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer ($24)

This product allows you to create a more defined face. It’s quick and easy to use and the Slenderizer offers half bronzer, which helps contour makeup.


Tyra: Sculpt in a Stick ($24)

If you know Tyra Banks, she’s bold and fierce and so is her contouring stick. It’s available in two different shades and it definitely leaves you mesmerized with results.


Sonia Kashuk: Chic Defining Contour Stick ($10)

On the lower price tag, Sonia Kashuk’s chic defining contour stick is a large crayon with a creamy formula that feels weightless on your skin.

Sonia kausick


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