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Hear the Desi Side | with Baban Gill


Fashion and style for the Desi culture is almost a birthright some would say. The richness of our culture is only amplified through our ensembles. Meet a rising talent in the west bringing IT and then some to the desi fashion of the east. She’s keeping the innovation alive without breaking the bank. Our team at We DeSide has been ... Read More »

Hear the Desi Side | with Arjun


Arjun, born Arjun Coomaraswany in Colombo Sri Lanka to a Sinhalese mother and Tamil father, has gained mass fandom around the world for his singing talent. The international notoriety started with a YouTube upload back in December 2011 for a R&B cover version of “Why This Kolaveri Di” that received over 9 million hits by April 2013. This catapulted Arjun to ... Read More »