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Hear the Desi Side | with Sukshinder Shinda


He is THE Music Man. A multi-percussionist, lead keyboardist, master producer, solo artist, hit maker and the ultimate performer. Sukshinder Shinda has raised the bar for originality, creativity and musicality all around the world with his sound. So many artists dream to work with this amazing talent. Everyone from Bollywood to Hollywood follows the music stylings of Sukshinder Shinda. Most ... Read More »

Hear the Desi Side | with RAXSTAR


Rapping in Hindi and Punjabi wasn’t always the art that it is has now become. In fact, rapping got a bad rap in desi music because nobody was really doing it well and those that were, weren’t being given the proper platform to showcase a new genre of music. Sure there were some catchy numbers in bollywood songs and trailblazers from ... Read More »

Hear the Desi Side | with Zack Knight

Zack Knight

Born in Grimsby, north England to a Punjabi Mother and Afro-Asian Father, Zack Knight has become a very popular British singer, songwriter & producer. He first started out in music writing for household names. Zack Knight credits his father as his inspiration behind pursuing a career in music.  Growing up, he was constantly surrounded by a multitude of different music. His ... Read More »

Hear the Desi Side | with Humza Arshad


He’s the BAD MAN! One of UK’s beloved YouTuber, Humza Arshad has captured a lot of attention with his comedy and dynamic personality. Being funny comes naturally to the best actors and comedians. Humza is no exception! He began his YouTube journey back in 2010 with his series: The Diary of a Bad Man. The video diaries became viral quickly ... Read More »