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Anniversary Celebrations


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your lives. Many couples will agree that it is one of the BEST days of their lives. As you celebrate this auspicious day with family and friends, you have just begun a lifelong journey together. It is very important to celebrate this special day as it is an annual ... Read More »

Big Marriage No No’s for Wives


There are many things that drive men crazy in their marriage. I spoke with a few men who were happy to share what their wives do which really hurts their marriage. Ladies, please take these into consideration while trying to keep your husband happy in your marriage. We do not like being criticized or belittled especially in front of others. ... Read More »

Spice it up in the Bedroom


Even though a couple is madly in love, they may have lost their mojo when it comes to the bedroom.  Usually, in the beginning of a relationship also known as the infatuation stage, couples find it so easy to make love anywhere, anytime.  As months and even years pass, a long-lasting sweet love sets in and the excitement can start ... Read More »

Saver vs Spender


Money makes the world go round…and causes conflict in marriage. You are either categorized as a “spender” or the “saver.” To have that balance, there needs to be at least one saver in the relationship, otherwise if you both spend and don’t look at finances, I highly doubt you will have any savings to your name. You may not think ... Read More »