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Indian Harvard Student Develops Potential Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnosis Procedure


Indian American Harvard student Neil Davey, has developed a blood-testing device that pushes the possibility of non-invasive cancer diagnosis one step closer to reality. His technique involves injecting a tiny amount of blood into a microfluidic device to encapsulate single cells from the blood stream in individual microfluidic drops. Once the cells have been encapsulated, Davey uses a PCR to ... Read More »

Indian Doctor Leads Team In Developing An Affordable BioSensor To Monitor Alzheimer’s Disease


An affordable, quick and simple test that can improve Alzheimer’s disease management at bedside by allowing clinicians to monitor the progression of the disease and be able to deliver personalized therapy. That is what a group of researchers from the University of Florida, led by Indian American Doctor Ajeet Kaushik, is working to develop. They are taking a new approach ... Read More »

Medical Breakthrough- Khatri Blood Test


A potential breakthrough is at hand, as a new blood test could accurately diagnose tuberculosis (TB) in a way that is easy, cheap, and much more accurate than previous methods. A group of Stanford University researchers, led by an Indian American scientist, Dr Purvesh Khatri, have developed a simple blood test that can accurately diagnose active tuberculosis (TB) – a ... Read More »

Desi Creates Malaria Curing Pill


Desi scientist, Papireddy Kancharla, was among three Portland State University researchers who have discovered a possible single pill, one-dose cure cure for malaria. It is a compound based on a natural red pigment that comes from a soil bacteria. Per their recent publications of the results in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry‬, the compound was able to cure malaria with a ... Read More »