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Baban’s Bridal Dream

Baban’s Bridal Dream

Welcome to our first bridal feature!

On this day of love, we bring you the story of Baban and Mohit.

Baban and Mohit Casual Shoot.

How they met:

Baban and Mohit met while they were working together. Now, the twist is, like a scene from a Bollywood meet-cute, they actually didn’t even like each other initially. As time went on, they discovered they had mutual friends at work and so started talking to one another more and slowly became friendlier. One day, during that early Facebook era, Mohit wrote on his Facebook that he was engaged. Baban noticed and felt really surprised that she had no idea. None of their mutual friends mentioned it either so it took her aback to say the least. Nonetheless, the congratulations poured in on the infamous wall. Baban decided to message Mohit privately to congratulate him.

What Changed:

Turned out, Mohit had a funny sense of humor. His entire status update on facebook was a joke. An April’s Fool joke to be exact. Mohit wrote Baban back and teased her for being so naive and so began their courtship. The messages became frequent and the talking at work increased. Slowly, but surely, Baban and Mohit began getting closer. Eventually, their feelings began to change, on both ends, but no one made a move yet. 

Who Asked Who First?

Baban and Mohit consider themselves both to be quite logical individuals so when it came to expressing feelings, they did just that, but logically. One day, they both decided to talk about their feeling but it wasn’t a lovey dovey conversation at all, as Baban recalls it. If anyone was to listen to their conversation, they would’ve thought it was some serious business deal going down. With all questions answered between them, Mohit finally asked her out and she, in return, accepted. Sometimes people don’t put a lot of thought into going out on a first date but both of them did. They worked together, had mutual friends, were fond of each, but still, its a big shift in the dynamic to cross that friendship line. Feelings were mutual, but uncertainty still lingers. Its only natural. For Baban and Mohit, the logical approach served them both well.

Baban + Mohit Engagement Party

After nearly 7 years together, they made it official! Challenges along with milestones, they endured it all together. 

The Wedding Festivities:

Baban's Maiyan and Choora PartyBaban's Maiyan and Choora Party

Ceremony 1

Baban's bride prep for Hindu ceremony.Baban's bride prep for Hindu ceremony.

Baban + Mohit - Hindu CeremonyBaban + Mohit - Hindu Ceremony

Baban + Mohit - Hindu Ceremony

Ceremony 2



Baban + Mohit Sikh Ceremony

Mohit's groom prep before Sikh ceremony.Baban + Mohit Sikh Ceremony

Baban + Mohit photoshoot at Bear Creek Park.


Baban + Mohit Reception

Baban + Mohit ReceptionBaban + Mohit Reception

Baban + Mohit Reception

Baban + Mohit ReceptionBaban + Mohit Reception

Bridal Party:

Baban's bride prep for Hindu ceremony.BabanMohit-0062


Baban + Mohit Sikh Ceremony

Baban + Mohit Sikh CeremonyBaban + Mohit Reception

Vendor details:

All Outfits Designed and Executed by the Bride, herself (including her Bridal Party)

Photographer: Robert Karpa

DJ: Decibel and XFUSION Roadshow

Hmua: Jayna Marie and Kiran Atwal from Pristine Allure

Hmua for Bridal party: Glam Canvas. and Viva Glam Studios

Hmua for Groom: Makeup By Joji

Venues: Bombay Banquet & Royal King Palace (BC, Canada)

Caterer: Shagun Catering

Decorator: Red Carpet Events & Royal Party Decorations

Limo: luxury life

We wish Baban and Mohit a blessed wedded life. Thank you for sharing your story and photos from your big day! 

***Baban is a fashion designer based in BC, Canada. Her IG handle is: BabanGillCouture

We have also featured her in an interview so check more out on her in our People section.***

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