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Mission Statement:

Global platform focused on the South Asian community featuring mainstream topics relevant to us as well as stories on up and coming people from different backgrounds, making a name for themselves and creating their own brand. The “we” is represented through all of us as a community in regards to who we are, what we represent and how we are branding ourselves individually and collectively.

Thank you to our readers and sponsors for their support.


We DeSide is a digital, global, lifestyle platform focused on the South Asian community worldwide. 

Topics span across entertainment, style, beauty, health and wellness, relationships, life experiences, travel as well as global community focused news and content. Our team is a group of bloggers distributed across the globe: India, UK, Canada, USA and Australia. We DeSide is a platform for mainstream topics, established personalities and up and coming individuals of South Asian descent, branding themselves in various industries. The content will range from different topics based on contributors. Our goal is to bring various spectrum’s of perspectives together for the people, by the people, on one platform.

Our name is a play on combining the words “Decide” with the phrase “Desi Side.” The word desi  is a cultural term to refer to South Asians. Our tag line is “We DeSide, Hear the Desi Side.” For our logo, we have the “W” represented by two hands forming the letter with the word “DeSide” written in the palms, to say that the decisions we make and what we represent is in our hands.

We DeSide is the place to Hear the Desi Side, on everything.